IMG_0001So this was a photo taken in a warehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn that had eight partitions for different tenants. I was staying with a friend, Jon Takiff who was kind enough to let me stay for free for a bit. I liked the lighting by the window and with the gray coming through since it was the beginning of winter, I thought a good picture could be taken. The image is too dark to make out the features, but I kind of enjoyed that aspect of it. I had an idea to write a book about a gang I had only a couple months earlier found out about by reading old Brooklyn newspapers at http://fultonhistory.com. They were called the White Hand Gang and they literally were operating in the neighborhoods my grandparents and great-grandparents lived in. So, in taking

IMG_0151 this picture, I was sort of getting into character. I had no idea at the time that I would spend the next three years reading articles, pulling death certificates and police reports about the gang and that it would eventually turn into a trilogy called “Auld Irishtown” about the gang of Irish-Americans that still ruled the docks of Brooklyn after originally settling in the area after the Famine. Now I’ve hopefully got a publisher and things are moving along. Hope you enjoy this blog, this is the very first post!




About Eamon

Eamon Loingsigh is the author of the Auld Irishtown trilogy: "Light of the Diddicoy," (Three Rooms Press 2014) and "Exile on Bridge Street," (Three Rooms Press 2016).
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