October Update

Hello and thanks for coming by. Happy October!

This is a monumental month in getting the word out about cover lotdLight of the Diddicoy, the first book in the Auld Irishtown trilogy. Over the River PR has literally sent 100 advance review copies of the book to reviewers like the New York Times Review of Books, Los Angeles Review of Books, Salon.com, The Millions and so many more.

Also, review copies were sent to individuals who may be able to break into the big reviewers and are interested in the topic this historical novel covers. Lit blogs like Levi Asher‘s LitKicks and famous writers like TJ English and Mary Pat Kelly also are being sent copies as well as Irish-American periodicals/websites Irish Central and The New Wild Geese.

Frank & Malachy

Frank (left) & Malachy McCourt were often seen on stage in New York together performing “A Couple of Blaguards.”

In one of the biggest events of late, I received a phone call from Malachy McCourt about the book. Mr. McCourt, as most of you know, is the brother of Frank McCourt, who has since passed, but was winner of the Pulitzer Price for his 1996 memoir, Angela’s Ashes. I have always been a big follower of Malachy McCourt’s work, however, especially his A Monk Swimming and his work alongside his brother on the stage with A Couple of Blaguards. Malachy mentioned that Light of the Diddicoy is written in a poetic voice and that he had already read through half of it in just a day or so.

BK fog

We have a goal of 1,000 “Likes” by the end of October for the Facebook Light of the Diddicoy Fan page. Come by and see it here: https://www.facebook.com/artofneed

After a conference call with Over the River PR, I was encouraged to create a Facebook fan page for Light of the Diddicoy. If you are on Facebook, please come by and “Like” it. Then, share it, if you would! It will have a lot of great information about the run-up to the book’s release come March, next year.

If you know of someone who would be interested in reviewing the book for a newspaper, magazine, website or blog, do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Things are really looking great for the up-coming release and there seems to be growing excitement surrounding the story. It’s truly part of the American lore. The “Immigrant Story,” symbolic of the struggle and incredible pressure our ancestors had to overcome in the Old Country and in the new.

Again, here’s the Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/artofneed



About eamonblog

I am Eamon Loingsigh, author of the Auld Irishtown trilogy. The first book in the trilogy is "Light of the Diddicoy," (Three Rooms Press 2014). The second is "Exile on Bridge Street," (Three Rooms Press 2016). This blog is mostly concerned with the books and the history of Brooklyn, the Irish-Americans and the gangs of Brooklyn and New York. I have also written lots of other stuff, namely two other books, the first called, "An Affair of Concoctions" and the book of poetry, "Love and Maladies." There are also articles sprinkled around the internet about anything from the anarchist movement of the Spanish Civil War to the French Symbolists of late 1800s Paris to the Irish Famine. With a degree in journalism and a passion for writing, there are lots of topics I have covered. To get in touch, send an email to: eamonloingsigh@gmail.com. Oh by the way, my last name is pronounced "Lynch." Eamon Loingsigh
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