Irish Echo, LitKicks & Wild Geese

Three very big events happened recently, less than two weeks ahead of the March 12 release party for Light of the Diddicoy.

The Irish Echo has a brilliant feature in their respected print and digital subscription magazine (Click on the screen shot photo below to make bigger).


Also, the oldest, most distinguished literary blog on the internet (yes, they’ve been around since 1994, BEFORE you ever even bought a computer). The piece, entitled “Why I Wrote Light of the Diddicoy” takes the bold stance that this Auld Irishtown trilogy aspires to be (in the ethnic lore of New York City), comparable to Mario Puzo’s great The Godfather.

Read it here:

Finally, the Irish & Irish diaspora website The New Wild Geese has featured a very positive article of Light of the Diddicoy. Below are is an excerpt from the review and a link to it, if you Wild Geesewould like to read the whole thing.

It is rich in history and richer in poetry… The characters are beautifully drawn, and one of the great charms of the work is that there is extraordinary feeling in everything he writes, this Eamon Loingsigh… completely perfect and surprisingly satisfying.”

You can read the rest here:

In a few days, there should be loads of new reviews and another blog about the bad guy of the Brooklyn waterfront, “Wild Bill” Lovett.

Friday March 7 begins the Diddicoy Tour where I will be reading at the Dire Reading Series in Cambridge, MA in the Boston area.


About eamonblog

I am Eamon Loingsigh, author of the Auld Irishtown trilogy. The first book in the trilogy is "Light of the Diddicoy," (Three Rooms Press 2014). The second is "Exile on Bridge Street," (Three Rooms Press 2016). This blog is mostly concerned with the books and the history of Brooklyn, the Irish-Americans and the gangs of Brooklyn and New York. I have also written lots of other stuff, namely two other books, the first called, "An Affair of Concoctions" and the book of poetry, "Love and Maladies." There are also articles sprinkled around the internet about anything from the anarchist movement of the Spanish Civil War to the French Symbolists of late 1800s Paris to the Irish Famine. With a degree in journalism and a passion for writing, there are lots of topics I have covered. To get in touch, send an email to: Oh by the way, my last name is pronounced "Lynch." Eamon Loingsigh
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