Big Momentum

Light of the Diddicoy, the historical novel about Brooklyn’s Empire Storeswaterfront gangs as told by a 14 year-old Irish emigrant, is continuing to surprise the book industry and gain momentum. New interest is popping up in different areas, including Europe as the release happened recently. Dublin continues to be a hotspot and, surprisingly, London as well.

Thanks to you, our readers, this book is breaking new ground and turning heads all over the place. Recently, Declan Burke, who runs the most popular Crime blog, called Crime Always Pays, recently featured Light of the Diddicoy here. Apparently, we all thought Light of the Diddicoy was just a “Historical Novel,” but a whole new genre has picked it up and called this book its own in the Crime/Thriller/Mystery circles. Who knew?

Also recently, a film crew followed me around the locations in Brooklyn where the book takes place, such as 25 Bridge Street, which was the White Hand Gang’s headquarters under the Manhattan Bridge and the historic Empire Stores warehousing units (see picture above) in-between the bridges where ships WBAI at Rocky'sbrought in coffee and tobacco that were unloaded by the gang’s longshoremen and housed up in those iron-shutter windows. Earlier in the day, WBAI Radio-NYC host John McDonough interviewed me down at Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook about the book and the Irish Republican and New York history featured in it. Afterward, the camera crew and many others followed us to sell copies of the book at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers up on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

Finally, we are closing in on readings at Quinnipiac University-Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum and in Hartford, CT, Oceanside, New York (where I was born!) as well as a few in the Mid-Atlantic regions and in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida.

But first, I am honored to be reading with Terry Golway, an established writer and Kean University professor, historian and author of the great non-fiction book that was recently released called Machine Made which redefines Tammany Hall’s role in New York City politics. Golway & Loingsigh


For more information about Light of the Diddicoy, or to request interviews and schedule readings/appearances, please contact Three Rooms Press at

Get your copy at a local bookstore, or go here at amazon or here at Barnes & Noble.



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I am Eamon Loingsigh, author of the Auld Irishtown trilogy. The first book in the trilogy is "Light of the Diddicoy," (Three Rooms Press 2014). The second is "Exile on Bridge Street," (Three Rooms Press 2016). This blog is mostly concerned with the books and the history of Brooklyn, the Irish-Americans and the gangs of Brooklyn and New York. I have also written lots of other stuff, namely two other books, the first called, "An Affair of Concoctions" and the book of poetry, "Love and Maladies." There are also articles sprinkled around the internet about anything from the anarchist movement of the Spanish Civil War to the French Symbolists of late 1800s Paris to the Irish Famine. With a degree in journalism and a passion for writing, there are lots of topics I have covered. To get in touch, send an email to: Oh by the way, my last name is pronounced "Lynch." Eamon Loingsigh
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