Frequently Asked Questions

Is Light of the Diddicoy the first in a series?
Yes, Light of the Diddicoy is the first in what is being called the Auld Irishtown trilogy. The second book should come out October of 2016, named Exile on Bridge Street, and the third will be out some time after that.

Will the books come out in (insert language/country)?
That all depends on the publishers overseas. We are still very young in this process, having just released the first book of three, so we’ll see.

I have a club/classroom etc. Do you have a Light of the Diddicoy Discussion Guide?
That is a great question. We are fast at work at this very moment putting one together. We will update this as soon as we complete it.

Is there a movie going to be made about the Auld Irishtown trilogy?
It is a little too early in the game to have sold the film rights, but we’ll certainly update if anything changes.

Where can I get a signed copy of Light of the Diddicoy?
If you contact the publisher here, we can probably help you out.

Can I interview on my blog/website?
We are certainly open to interviews, contact us here.

Are you on Twitter? Oh yeah, @eamonLoi

Is there a Facebook Page?


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  1. Jim O'Reilly says:

    Have you ever run across the story of Irish immigrant Thomas Saul who was killed in the Hudson River boat explosion of 1883 leaving 5 orphans? I’m a Saul descendant looking for info on what happened to the orphans. The oldest child, Mary Agnes Saul was married in 1899 to James O’Reilly, my grandfather and her name was listed on the licence as Agnes Saul Fennell. Was she adopted by a Fennell? Any ideas? Jim O’

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